LAVILLE & Co at the ONU Habitat III Conference

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Every 20 years, ONU hold a worldwide conference about habitat and urban development. This conference happens this year in Quito (Equator) South America. 36000 visitors, exhibitors, and nation representatives are expected to attend and move forward with the new urban & habitat Agenda. It will be an exceptional occasion to meet citizens, NGOs, officials from all over the world, share experiences, develop best practices, boost ideas with the objective of more resilient, more sustainable cities, including the best efforts for social inclusion.


LAVILLE & Co will present its methods to transform our current towns to sustainable cities and a new concept to sort wastes. This new method may involve people from slums in order for them to achieve citizenship.

See You in Quito.


Expert – Urban Sustainable Development


LAVILLE & Co at the ONU Habitat III Conference

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