A New way to sort the wastes-

Hello World,

LAVILLE & Co creates a new way to sort the wastes, which can be used worldwide. The idea is to have any waste producer (you, me, everybody) to only sort the wastes in 3 classes: organic, clean, dirty.

Then the second idea is to have the wastes picked up directly from the privates cans, being homes, apartments, offices, industry. If the waste is picked up by a lorry and compressed that’s the end of it.

There are organizations to set up like this anywhere in the world in order to:

-creates jobs, to pick up wastes at the consumer source

-sort wastes very accurately according to manufacturer classification (iron, wood, plastic, etc…)

ORGANIC WASTES creates soil for crop

CLEAN WASTE can be re-used in the industry

DIRTY WASTES can be cleaned, and reused

This a real solution to be implemented for slum dwellers, over-poverty areas, but anywhere else.



Have a nice day.

A New way to sort the wastes-

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