Do you know that 2,5 billion more people will live in cities in 2030?

 Infrastructures has to be built. 

But today, current cities host 55 % of the world population while producing 75 % of green house gaz effect. In a lot of cities worldwide, air and water are polluted, there is lack energy, food and wastes are an issue. Moreover, informal habitat in cities represents 1 billion people in the world: employments are insufficient, poverty and social tension rise.

LAVille is a new city concept design that addresses all those issues with the following constraints:

LAVille design goals:

OIL = 0

CAR = 0



O2 / CO2 = Balanced

NATURE = 2 km Maximum

TRANSPORT = 1 km Maximum

WORK = For all

FOOD = Local

Ask Laville & Co

to design your city according to your needs: Geography, topography, society, culture, size.

Laville & Co takes into account management of air, water, food, energy, wastes, raw materials, transports, employments, education, health, social organization.

Take the advantage of a flexible, scalable and powerful design that can host millions of inhabitants in a sustainable, and resilient way of life.

LAVille in temperate climate

LAVille in the desert

LAVille in the forest

LAVille is scalable from 10,000 to 5,000,000 inhabitants and can be constructed anywhere in the world


21 03 17 - New video for IGN Fab lab

The new video done by LAVille, following the 23/02/17 conference, completed for the IGN Fab Lab call.

Enjoy! (french version, 22mn, with voices)

Video - LAVille short version english - 2,5mn

Video - LAVille long version english - 17mn

French version click here