We are 10 billion people on Earth.  Carbon compensation is now almost total all over the world, water cycles are re-established, local food independence had increased to 80% in some countries. And most important, the first signs of climate stabilisation can be measured.

We are in 2075.

In 2020 our predecessors has been inspired by Terranisme.

City development

New cities

Megapoles extension

Who we are?

LAVille & co is a Terranisme agency.

Terranisme is a new discipline which creates compatibility between human activities and Earth biosphere

What we do?

We design territory development using new land management techniques to obtain the right balance between environment, society and economy

Why do we do it?

We do it because the nuisance concentration in cities is a threat to life quality and creates global warming

Why do we do it now?

Because solutions on a global scale must be implemented to achieve climate stabilisation and prevent environment to crash

What are our solutions?

We make spatial and time land management and urban development programs based on local natural ressources, renewable energies, diversified city and carbon compensation

Who are our customers?

All entities involved in city and land construction: collectivities, decision makers, energy - water - constructions groups, promotors, investors

What do we obtain?

We obtain environment respect, social stabilization, economy development

What are the benefits of our solution?

Climate stabilization and compatibility between Earth biosphere and human activities

The book of TERRANISME

The TERRANISME of Ile de France & Paris

Video - LAVille - 2,5mn

Video - LAVille - 17mn

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