LAVille & co at the Forum for a new ecological civilization

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on the 25th January, LAVille & co was invited at “International Campus to build an ecological civilization”. This initiative was launched after the COP21 nations meeting in Paris. The goal is to shape a new way of thinking the future in an ecological way, at a time where choice is not an option.

China, who has signed the COP21 agreement, is clearly involved in the process. The country is one of the most contributor to pollution in the world  and, following the President’s will, wants to be a leader in the way the world can be changed for a more suitable behavior towards its environment.

LAVille & co participated actively to the debates, which last all day. We strongly recommend to take action, inspired by all initiatives around the world. For us, the first purpose of the Campus would de form the substrate of what is an ecological civilization, taking the common elements from all nations.It could be the start of a simple texte with 3 or 4 main items (and not a 500 pages report) on which every nation can build according to its own differences.

LAVille & co also recommend to make the most out of pictures, drawings, videos, images, in order to reduce the langage barrier and understanding between countries. This first manifesto could be images instead of text, to allow freedom and own understanding to a certain degree.

And last but not the least, the importance of project is to be emphasized. The real progress can only be measured through action, construction, errors, feed-back, new designs and new starts. This is valid for every field.

It’s not time to try to understand by gathering more and more data. We all know the situation regarding climate change and resources exhaustion, so it’s time to act.

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LAVille & co at the Forum for a new ecological civilization

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